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Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon



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Range Rules

These rules are for your health and safety and to ensure compliance with current firearms legislation.

1. The range book must be signed immediately. You are now insured and have complied with the firearms legislation.

2. Firearms must not be carried through the car park uncovered.

3. Firearms are to be stored only in the rack and must be flagged at all times that they are not being fired.

4. Please pay attention to and obey the duty Range Officer and committee members at all times.

5. When in the firing trench, firearms must point downrange at all times.

6. Ear defenders are to be worn when firing is taking place. You are especially warned to take this rule seriously.

7. Black powder firing at the downwind end of the trench please.

8. The "fumble zone" area at the back of the far end of the range by the fence is set aside for looking at or working on firearms. Nowhere else is allowed.

9. Keep the range door shut when firing is in progress.

10. Shooting in pairs is acceptable, any more must be by permission of the duty Range Officer.

11. The notice board contains important announcements, please read it when you are at the range.

12. Any firearm can be shot as long as the caliber and muzzle velocity conforms to the range certificate. Check this Range Certificate details here. When signing in be sure to note what calibres you will be firing. This enables you comply with the firearms act which requires you to use all the firearms registered to you and prove this in writing.

13. You are required to enter a minimum of two competitions a year.

14. All members are required to shoot at least six times a year, this shows that you are using your firearms. Members not attending may have their membership revoked and offered to a new member at the committees discretion.

15. Take litter home and keep the range & armoury tidy. Please don't leave brass littering the trench.

16. Please do not park on the grass.

17. Fibre wads only for the clay pigeon shoots.

18. Everyone is expected to attend a range maintenance session which takes place when weather allows and is communicated by the texting service & website. These usually occur for 2 to 3 hours on a Sunday morning. Note that the club annual membership costs are alleviated depending on this attendance.

19. Annual General Meetings. If you wish to bring anything before the membership, kindly inform the secretary in writing two weeks beforehand so that it can be added to the agenda. Members who feel they would like to join the committee should have at least five years membership, be actively conversant in all the clubs disciplines {within reason} and be an asset to the committee.

I Johnson