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Torbay Fullbore Club
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Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon

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Introduction to the club
The club was established in 1975. At our 25yd range near Newton Abbot we shoot many types & calibres including black powder & pistols. We hold frequent competition and clay pigeon shoots and regular trips to Bisley & a local 80m range enable our members to practice their long range skills and fire larger calibres.

Visitors are welcome and are invited to contact the Secretary-

Latest club news

If anyone should be interested in visiting or joining the club, they are invited to contact the Secretary at

Wanted / For Sale
Check out the Wanted / For Sale section here

Youth Section
Under 18s- We have a thriving Youth Section and as well as teaching you how to shoot you can participate in all the Clubs activities. All we ask is that you turn up with a parent, guardian or family member, along with a signed written parental permission to shoot and a determination to enjoy yourself.

Instructors Course at The National Shooting Centre Bisley
Two members of our Committee have successfully completed the National Rifle Association Target Rifle course and as such are now qualified Instructors in this most demanding of all shooting disciplines. There are very few of these about so we hope members will take advantage of this fresh initiative done on the clubs behalf. The course was tough and very intensive but we hope the extra knowledge they have gained will be very useful to our club. To this end they intend to be forthcoming with help where required and will be running courses for new members and existing ones who would like to improve their scores. They have learnt several new methods and reinforced some old ones.
To give you some idea of the expertise they now have; they had to coach some novices on the 1,000yard range at Bisley in rain, cold and strong variable wind and succeeded in teaching them to obtain V bulls within 20 shots.
When they have recovered from their exertions they will be posting further details of courses on this site.

Land Wanted
The club is looking for land for a range and are open to purchase, lease or rent a suitable area. The ideal land will be a small valley or quarry with a rise at one end suitable for a backstop with easy access, no neighbours and private.
All areas can be considered. We will carry out all planning permissions, little work is required for target shooting and in these days of efficient silencers, little noise is anticipated.
If you own or know of a suitable site please contact us at Thanks.