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Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon



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Our Range and its History
The Denbury Range was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1942/3 and was used by a white Southern States regiment who were a combat medical element of the U.S. forces for D day. Their nickname was the Dizzy Dicers. Their sister regiment was black and based in Stover; they used to allow them into Newton Abbot on Fridays and the whites on Saturdays to prevent fighting. As they were destined for combat, the camp (now the prison) had a magazine rifle range built on next to the sewerage farm- also American built (its water dispersal conduits are very interesting). The original firing point was where the childrens playpark is at the top end of the present football fields, shooting down to our magnificent backstop. Look at the top of the wall and you can see where some Americans missed! They were equipped with the M1 Carbine and .45 ACP Colt Semi-Auto Pistol.

The Royal Corps of Signals took over the camp and built the current 25yd range. When they left in the 1970's, a club of some of our older members was formed and purchased the range. Later the members split to form two clubs which shoot on alternate Saturdays. A plastic roof, end wall, fence, car park, new sleepers, sand, trees and steps have been added to improve & enhance the range and the programme of works currently in hand includes electric turning targets and falling targets.

We own the land from the road to the sewerage farm. The magnificent stands of conifers on the right bank which were obtained from the Forestry Commission in Chagford twenty eight years ago are kept in memory of an old member, Major Tom Anstey who gave sterling and timely support to the club when it was most needed.

Over the last 10 years the Club has been constructing thick wooden barriers and steadily planting & enhancing the tree coverage at the Range in order to reduce noise interference for the neighbours.