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Torbay Fullbore Club
Shooting in Devon

Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon



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>Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Firearms Dept
>National Rifle Association UK (Bisley)

Club Equipment

Firearms- Note that these are not kept at the range.
Taurus .44" magnum calibre Long Barreled Revolver.
Taurus .357" Magnum calibre Long Barreled Revolver.
.223" calibre Howa Scoped Rifle.
.308" calibre Howa Scoped Rifle.
7.62 mm calibre Mannlicher Steyr vernier sighted Match Target Rifle.
.22" rm calibre Anschutz Vernier sighted Match Target Rifle.
A pre 1948 7.92mm calibre ex Yugoslavian Mauser Service Rifle.
.22" rm calibre Ruger 10 shot semi Automatic.
.22" rm calibre BRNO bolt action semi automatic.
.22 Winchester pump-action rifle
.22 Winchester pump-action rifle
45/70 scoped lever-action Marlin rifle
.357 Marlin carbine

2 chronometers for measuring muzzle velocities.
Shot timer.
Sighting collimator.
Computer program for hand loading
22x60 Long Range Spotting Scope
Clay pigeon trap & stand.
Rifle rests.
First Aid & Trauma kits.