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Torbay Fullbore Club
Shooting in Devon

Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon



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>Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Firearms Dept
>National Rifle Association UK (Bisley)

Club Equipment (2019)

Firearms- Note that these are not kept at the range.

.223" calibre Howa Scoped Rifle.
.308" calibre Howa Scoped Rifle.
A pre 1948 7.92mm calibre ex Yugoslavian Mauser Service Rifle.
.22" rm calibre Ruger 10 shot semi Automatic.
2 new CZ .22" rf bolt action rifles
45/70 scoped lever-action Marlin rifle
9mm SGC rifle
.357" Marlin carbine

2 chronometers for measuring muzzle velocities.
Shot timer.
Sighting collimator.
22x60 Long Range Spotting Scope
Clay pigeon trap & stand.
Rifle rests.
First Aid & Trauma kits.