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Torbay Fullbore Club
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Torbay Fullbore Shooting Club
This thriving club meets near Newton Abbot in Devon



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Range Certificate details


The range has a certificate issued by the Ministry of Defence which covers several matters, some of which restrict the firearms that can be fired. This is under constant review.
The club owns a chronograph which is available for testing your muzzle velocity and we randomly use it to ensure compliance with our certificate.

Maximum muzzle velocity is 1675 feet per second.
Maximum Energy is 1496 foot pounds.
Maximum firearm size .455 calibre.
For .22 muzzle velocity is 2000 feet per second and energy is 355 foot pounds.

All ammunition sold on the range will comply with these limits.
The ammunition sales at the range are at a deliberately low price for the benefit of our members and the small profit is set to cover the cost of the targets.